FRG Workshop on Discrete and Computational Geometry, Shape Analysis, and Applications

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, May 19-21 (Friday-Sunday), 2023


The aim of the workshop is to bring together a community of researchers in mathematics, computer science and data sciences who develop theoretical and computational models to characterize shapes and analysis of image data. This workshop is part of the NSF FRG project: Geometric and Topological Methods for Analyzing Shapes.


Registration is free and open to everyone. The link for the registration could be found in here.

Speakers include:

Boris Aronov, NYU
Tamal Dey, Purdue University
Jonah Gaster, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Rachel Greenfeld, IAS
Richard Kenyon, Yale University
Wayne Lam, University of Luxembourg
Ronald Lui, CUHK
Daniele Panozzo, NYU
Jean-Marc Schlenker, University of Luxembourg
Yusu Wang, UCSD
Zhizhang Xie, Texas A&M University


David Glickenstein (University of Arizona)
Joel Hass (University of California, Davis)
Patrice Koehl (University of California, Davis)
Feng Luo (Rutgers University, New Brunswick)
Yanwen Luo (Rutgers University, New Brunswick)


We are grateful to the National Science Foundation for supporting this workshop through the NSF FRG program.

Code of conduct policy

Please take note of the NSF Code-of-Conduct Policy .